The Plan at Hands On Haskell - I

Our aim at the workshop is to immediately get you developing in Haskell. Haskell is notorious for its steep learning curve, but we’ll fast track your entry into the Haskell world by going over a decent set of exercises, and then finally writing an HTTP server in Haskell. Fun!

The Plan

  1. Set up a dev environment:
    • Docker basics and why docker is useful
    • Using docker as a development environment
    • Cabal sandboxes
  2. Grokking basic haskell syntax

  3. Basic mental models, programming constructs and data handling (types)

  4. Writing some code, and some exercises

  5. Planning to write a Haskell application

  6. Writing an http-server in haskell

  7. Some benchmarking and performance testing

  8. Interesting things about Haskell (touching upon some advanced topics)

Getting ready for the workshop

The Internet might decide to act up, so we highly recommend that you run these installations at a location with good download speeds before coming:

With Docker

  1. Install docker

  2. Get the docker image: docker pull tfcross/hoh-chennaihaskell

Without Docker

  1. Install the haskell-platform.