Announcing the first Hands On Haskell Workshop (with a li'l bit of Docker)

The very first Hands On Haskell workshop is going to be conducted at CRC (ground-floor) at IIT Madras, on May 15, 5-9pm. Organized with the help of folks from and IITM WebOps group.

The workshop is aimed at experienced programmers, but those without prior exposure to Haskell. The workshop is FREE courtesy IIT Madras, and the IITM WebOps group! Ideas and resources for conducting the event are very welcome, please let us know in the comments below!

The rough agenda is as follows:

  1. 5pm - 8pm: A very brief intro to Haskell, and an immediate dive into setting up a dev environment. Lots of code samples, and exampes of writing and debugging little pieces of code, to get a very real feel for Haskell. We’ll end with giving out examples of nifty little projects to try building with Haskell, especially code that doesn’t just heat your computer up ;). Laptops mandatory (Mac/Linux recommended)

  2. 7pm - 8pm: Free discussions with and amongst experienced Haskell devs. Talking about emerging functional programming practices and real world experiences.

NOTE: If you are in/around Chennai, and would like to help out with the workshop, please reach out to us on twitter: @chennaihaskell

REGISTRATIONS are at: hands-on-haskell

Also, POSTER! Get it at: HoH Poster - imgur Hands On Haskell Poster