Meetup #1 : First steps

A summary of the very first meetup:

  1. After initially spending a significant portion of our lives searching for a place to huddle and discuss (and then getting chased away) in the otherwise awesome Anna Centenary library, we finally resigned to a good old CCD. It really is a pity that the library have nice discussion spots.

  2. After getting to know one another (we were from TenMiles and from 34cross) we covered a few interesting code samples and topics:

    • The ‘function definition’ way of thinking vs the ‘procedural execution’ way of thinking.

    • Quintessential factorial, and quick sort examples. On that note: Evolution of a Haskell programmer - Factorial function

    • The power of lazy evaluation. Here’s Don Stewart talking about lazy vs strict Don Stewart - The Haskell Cast .

    • GHC IO manager, GHC’s threading support vs other models like Python’s gevent. SO: haskell lightweight threads - Don Stewart

    • Determining if Venkat’s problem of determining IO wait time in a procedure could be done better in Haskell, and then the group coming to a consensus that he’s quite on his own in kernel-land for that one and no language runtime is really going to solve his problem.

    • Immutability in Haskell and how that helps in thinking about things.

    • Because all of us were computer engineers, a lot of discussion revolved around the suitability and minimum requirements to use Haskell for large projects. The best starting resource to that is Don’s answer on SO.

  3. As any conversation between a bunch of happy tech people would eventually lead to, we talked a lot about the world’s problems and the country’s problems and how they needed fixing.